Top Women in Safety 2023 - Ashley Mckie

We are delighted to share that Ashley Mckie, our Director of Safety, has been acknowledged as one of the Top Women in Safety for 2023 by Canadian Occupational Safety. Ashley's dedication to safety and professional development has been instrumental in fostering a culture that prioritizes safety within our organization. With nine years of experience as a valuable member of our team, Ashley has consistently delivered clear messaging, implemented structured safety systems, and enhanced our safety programs as our company has expanded. Her proactive, patient, and inclusive approach to educating new employees and collaborating with managers to implement new safety protocols has been crucial in our successful COR certification.

Superior Forklift places a significant emphasis on safety, and Ashley has been pivotal in instilling a safety-first culture that emphasizes continuous improvement. Ashley's approach to safety is rooted in simplicity and a focus on ongoing enhancement, which is evident in her work and contributions to the company.

Ashley Mckie standing outside in front of a bush for the top women in safety award

Her proactive, calm, patient, and inclusive manner has been key in educating employees and collaborating with managers to implement safety programs. Through her efforts, Ashley has fostered an environment that encourages and supports emerging leaders within the department and the entire organization, promoting a culture of safety, accountability, and excellence.

Ashley's unwavering dedication to personal development is reflected in her impressive accomplishments, including earning both her CRSP and CHSC designations and active involvement in the safety community. As the Chair of the Fraser Valley Chapter of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), Ashley provides valuable leadership and guidance to her peers. Ashley's significant contributions to the safety industry have earned her well-deserved recognition as a top safety leader within our organization and the broader industry.

Ashley's role as Director of Safety for all equipment dealerships and companies under Venturis Capital Corporation, including Superior Forklift and multiple regional dealerships across Canada and the US, has expanded substantially in recent years. Her responsibilities now encompass operations in over 60 branches across six provinces and 14 states, with more than 1,200 employees under her guidance. Despite the significant scope of her role, Ashley is consistently dedicated to providing her team with the necessary support to succeed. Her colleagues recognize her as someone who genuinely cares about the safety, health, and well-being of everyone within the company and the customers they serve, cementing her reputation as a true leader in the industry.

We take immense pride in having Ashley as a member of our team and offer our warmest congratulations on her well-deserved recognition as a Top Woman in Safety for 2023. Her invaluable contributions to our organization and the safety industry have been outstanding.

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