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We offer material handling equipment solutions from more than 25 trusted brands. With solutions from Hyundai, Manitou, Atlas Copco, Sany, Kioti, and many other leading manufacturers. Every unit delivers high-quality performance and trusted reliability. Whether you’re working in manufacturing, agriculture, steel fabrication, or even the energy supply chain, we have the perfect equipment for your needs.

Manitou Telehandler in a farm field loading hay bales


We offer a range of reliable and robust material handling solutions tailored for the agricultural industry in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our forklifts and telehandlers are designed to efficiently handle various tasks, such as loading and unloading heavy agricultural supplies, transporting feed and equipment, and assisting with crop harvesting. With their excellent maneuverability and versatility, our equipment ensures increased productivity and enhanced safety in farm operations.


In the demanding mining sector, Superior Forklift provides rugged and dependable material handling equipment designed to withstand the challenging conditions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba's mining sites. Our forklifts and telehandlers are engineered to tackle heavy loads, maneuver through tight spaces, and operate in diverse terrains. Whether it's transporting raw materials, assisting with equipment maintenance, or handling logistical challenges, our products offer the reliability and performance essential for mining operations.

Manitou telehandler removing the wheel off of a mining truck outside on a sunny day
Manitou Skid Steer with a bucket attachment loading rocks at a construction site on a sunny day


Superior Forklift understands the unique requirements of the construction industry in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our forklifts, telehandlers, and aerial work platforms offer exceptional lifting capacities, precise maneuverability, and robust construction to tackle a wide range of construction projects. From lifting heavy construction materials to providing access for maintenance and installation tasks at height, our equipment helps improve efficiency, safety, and productivity on construction sites.


Efficient material handling plays a vital role in intermodal operations, and Superior Forklift delivers reliable solutions for this demanding sector. Our forklifts and telehandlers are designed to handle containers, trailers, and other intermodal equipment with ease, enabling quick and efficient loading, unloading, and stacking. With their ergonomic design, advanced features, and excellent maneuverability, our equipment ensures smooth operations in intermodal yards and depots.

Tico yard truck at an intermodal facility on an overcast day
Hyundai forklift in a warehouse lifting a pallet off of a shelf.


Superior Forklift understands the fast-paced environment of warehousing and distribution centers. Our range of forklifts and aerial work platforms is specifically tailored to optimize productivity and safety in warehouse operations. With exceptional lift heights, precise control, and compact designs, our equipment enables efficient stacking, order picking, and inventory management. From narrow aisles to high-rack storage, our products provide reliable solutions to maximize warehouse efficiency.


Industrial applications require versatile and durable material handling equipment, and Superior Forklift delivers robust solutions to meet these demands. Our forklifts, telehandlers, and aerial work platforms excel in various industrial environments, offering reliable performance in handling heavy loads, moving materials, and providing access for maintenance and repair tasks. With their advanced features, superior maneuverability, and rugged construction, our products are designed to enhance productivity and safety in industrial settings.

Carer electric forklift outside on a partly cloudy day carrying a cement cylinder with over a hundred other cement cylinders in the background

Why Choose Superior Forklift?

Superior Forklift Regina Building

At Superior Forklift, we pride ourselves on being the premier provider of material handling solutions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. With a commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we stand out as the preferred choice for businesses across various industries. From forklifts and telehandlers to aerial work platforms, and tractors, we have the right equipment to tackle any job, ensuring optimal performance and productivity. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support. We understand the unique challenges of your industry and work closely with you to find tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Our commitment to your success drives us to deliver outstanding customer service at every stage of the process. With Superior Forklift, you can expect top-of-the-line equipment, exceptional service, and a commitment to your success. Join numerous satisfied customers who have made us their preferred material handling partner. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your operations to new heights.

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